McAfee has unveiled a new collection of mobile security solutions designed to protect devices, data, and apps for both consumers and businesses.

Compiled into the McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) 10.0 product, one of the primary goals of this initiative is to provide further support (and reassurance) for the bring-your-own-device to work trend.

Essentially, EMM 10.0 has been designed to enable IT managers with more controls over identities and policies assigned to both employee- and business-owned smartphones and tablets.

These expanded security precautions for iOS and Android devices include:

  • Email “sandboxing” for iOS prevents corporate email from being forwarded from a personal mailbox
  • Blocks iCloud Backup for iOS to prevent moving corporate data from the device to iCloud
  • Application blacklisting for Android and iOS to define a set of applications as well as block access
  • Ability to block untrusted SSL certificates to prevent malicious site access
  • Bulk provisioning for Android and iOS to speed up authorization of mobile devices to large groups of enterprise users
  • Checkout Flag for iOS to alert administrators when users removes the configuration profile and marks the device as non-compliant
  • Compliance reporting via the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform

McAfee’s next steps include a integrated Secure Container for Android that will divide corporate email, calendar and contacts from personal data according to corporate security policies.

Also on the Android front, McAfee also upgrade its VirusScan Mobile Security for Enterprise software, which now enables IT departments to deploy comprehensive anti-malware security across all employee and business-owned Android devices.


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