Marcus Weston

Ex Goldman Sachs and Citibanker, Marcus is an international speaker, private mentor to 50 leaders – a ‘who’s who’ in the fields of business, politics, show-business and sport. He also teaches over 1,000 students a week at the London Kabbalah Centre. Beginning his career in international finance and subsequently running his own an international headhunting and recruitment firm, Marcus successfully experienced how core values can maximise business growth and revenue. Inspired by the positive changes he saw in his business peers who were studying Kabbalah at the time, Marcus decided to take an introductory class back in 1998. His first experience of Kabbalah had a profound impact on him. He discovered that every business wall he was hitting was a personal wall and ultimately one he could control and overcome. Over time, his once singular aspiration to change the world as a billionaire transformed into a desire to help a billion people. As a result, he decided to sell the business and went on to study Kabbalah full-time. Marcus began teaching Kabbalah in 2001 and has since spearheaded many socially impacting community projects, empowering a new generation of leaders. He has spoken at the U.N., the Houses of Parliament and some of the biggest companies in the world on success, emotional intelligence and general wellbeing. He also spearheads many European charitable projects, providing support to impoverished communities, empowering children and unemployed youth, crime prevention programs and peace-building initiatives. Marcus is a regular commentator in the national media with high profile interviews in the Times, The Daily Mirror, The London Evening Standard, The Guardian, as well as BBC Radio London and London Live. He lives with his wife and children in London.

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