Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite tips and tricks for keeping your inbox tidy. Now we’re back to share your–rather aggressive–SPAM dodging tricks.

HTG readers are serious about beating back SPAM. While some readers such asTechGeek01 took a fairly laid back approach to junk mail:

I usually just read emails, and delete them when my inbox gets kinda full. As for spam, I mark it as such, and the automated spam filter usually catches it the next time. It’s a fairly simple method, I know, but it’s efficient, and takes almost no effort, other than a monthly cleaning.

For other readers it was outright war. ArchersCall uses a system of layers and whitelists:

I have a triple system and rarely see spam.

FIRST – I use Earthlink’s white list option. This means, if you’re not in my address book, you automatically get sent to the suspected spam folder. The sender gets sent an automated response about this so they know and get an option to ask to be added to my white list. Spammer never use this option so I don’t get a ton of “Please add me requests”. I get requests from real people who know me, or legitimate businesses who need to contact me.

SECOND – all email from my earthlink account is then forwarded or captured by gmail, where gmail does it’s own spam check and I can flag anything that comes in as spam as well. Gmail does a good job of filtering all on it’s own and it’s a great secondary system to the white list I use.

THIRD – If the email gets past Earthlink and Gmail, it’s then passed through my many gmail filters to be sorted and organized or trashed as the case may be.


TIP #1 – I don’t give out my gmail address. I use it as an online “outlook” type system where I have Earthlink going to gmail as explained above. Even if you were to know my gmail address and sent a message to it, it would automatically be trashed, forwarded, and an automated response from my spiffy secondary “you can’t email me@gmail.com” address would tell you, you can’t contact me through that address and if they reply to that, they get trashed again the automated response again until they get the message. I NEVER see the emails.

TIP #2 – I use my very old Earthlink address as my very public address. It can be given to almost anyone because no matter who I give it to, if they send me email, they wont get through unless I add them to my address book. So I don’t need a separate spam address. White lists are the best way to avoid spam!!!


My elaborate system that helps me do two things really well.

1. I get no spam at all (99.9% of the time)

2. If I dont want to communicate with someone or they are stalking me etc… I can easily never be bothered with seeing their email with a few clicks.

This system give me ultimate control over who contacts me.


I must remember to add a new person/business to my address book before they send me an email otherwise they get the spam blocker message from Earthlink. Sometimes I don’t always know what email address I’m going to have to add to my address book, so I occasionally have to look in my suspected spam folder on Earthlink to see if my new friend or business got blocked, and then add them to my address book. This is pretty simple since Earthlink has a button for this in their UI. Most smart people who get the spam blocker message simply hit the request link and i don’t have to go through this, but occasionally dumb/lazy people ignore the message and I have to dig them out of my spam folder.

Layers and obfuscation were a common technique deployed by readers to cut down on SPAM. Many readers, perhaps in a bid to avoid that level of investment in their anti-SPAM measures, turned to commercial tools. KB Prez writes:

I’ve been using MailWasher Pro to filter emails for years. It has several features that have worked well for me. It lets me set up white/black lists. If receive email from someone not on my whitelist, I can bounce it back if I choose. The Pro version is paid software, but they also have a free version.

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